cross-border rurality.

A Czech-German Research Cooperation

Foto: Benjamin Herges/Universität Bamberg
Foto: Benjamin Herges/Universität Bamberg

The international research project Management of Crossborder Rurality | Bavaria Bohemia 1990 2020 investigates the development of the Bavarian-Czech border region since the end of the Cold War. Scientists at the University of Bamberg (Professorship of Historical Geography) and the University of Ústí nad Labem (Department of Political Science and Philosophy) deal with the superordinate research question, how political, economic, administrative and civic actors from Eastern Bavaria and Western Bohemia have handled the opportunities and challenges of rural development processes over the last 30 years since the Velvet Revolution in former Czechoslovakia.


The research approach is interdisciplinary and applied. The project is located at the interface of historical geography, political sciences and sociology, connecting historical and contemporary perspectives and working both qualitative as well as quantitative in sense of a method triangulation.


The research is funded through the Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency in the context of Joint Call Bavaria-Czech Republic 2019-2021 by means of the Bavarian Ministry of Finance and Homeland and the Ministry of School Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic.